Every year for the last 10+ years, we as a gym have participated in a challenging group workout known as Murph. This is a common tradition among CrossFit affiliates, and has always been a great chance for our gym to all come workout together in honor of an amazing person. The intent was to “suffer” as a group together, through a test of fitness that goes beyond what you would do on a normal day—a true test of your will that can surely help build your mental toughness.

I have always loved the idea of pushing through this grueling workout together with our Yankee family in memory of men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

But as Yankee has evolved from a traditional style CrossFit affiliate to a gym with a greater focus on longterm health and sustainable training, we weren’t quite sure how “Murph” fit into our new mission and messaging.

As a reminder, the workout is:

For time

Run 1 mile
100 pull-ups
200 push ups
300 squats
Run 1 mile

Our coaches spend a lot of time and energy preaching “Load vs Capacity” and how that relates to pain and injury. To summarize for those who haven’t sat through my lecture, when the load you put your body through (training, lifestyle, sleep, nutrition) exceeds your body’s capacity, injuries happen!

With that being said, for many of our athletes, that workout as written would exceed your body’s capacity. I am going to admit here, that in years past, I’ve allowed—and maybe even encouraged—Yankee members to attempt this full version workout, only for them to end up with some type of overuse injury.

Of course, most are mild; a slight shoulder pain, cranky knees, etc., but you would be amazed at how many people in years past participated in Murph and then were so sore they couldn’t workout for the rest of the week. Or worse, ended up with a nagging shoulder injury that has taken months to get better.

The gym we are now is better than that. And my goal for this year’s Murph is to make sure everyone gets an appropriate version of the workout—one that takes you outside your comfort zone, but also ensures you’ll be able to walk down stairs and come to the gym on your normal schedule for the rest of the week.

For 2023, we’re going to make sure to help you all program “your Murph!” Get all the fun and benefits of our usual Memorial Day Murph and BBQ, with less of the negative repercussions. Your coaches will help you to program the version that is just right for you.

—Coach Brendan