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Yankee Fitness Co. has an incredible team of professional coaches and administrative personnel. Get to know the people who change lives and bring passion to what they do.

Brendan Marolda

Owner/Operations Manager

Brendan lives in Avon, CT, with his wife Ashley and their two energetic boys Bruno and Dominic. Fitness has consistently held a significant place in Brendan's life, and he takes pride in leading by example. Beyond staying informed about the latest health and wellness research, Brendan actively incorporates these principles into his own life. This commitment allows him to provide Yankee Fitness Company's clients with firsthand knowledge and the best possible guidance.

As a full-time Fitness Professional since 2007, Brendan has established himself as a highly respected and renowned leader in the health and wellness industry. He holds National Certifications from various Accredited Organizations, such as the NSCA, NASM, USAW, USA Gymnastics, OPEX, and Active Life. Brendan's extensive fitness career has encompassed diverse aspects of life, including training high-level athletes, assisting individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries, and, of course, guiding clients in achieving their fitness goals.

Now, his passion is to impart his knowledge and experience to his coaching team, and ultimately to our clients. We recognize that fitness is as much about education, and through this, we can empower our clients to become the best versions of themselves.

Ashley Marolda

Owner/Operations Manager

Chris Cancelmo

General Manager/Coach

Chris has been a member of Yankee Fitness Company since 2011. A poster child for the Active Life model, he suffered for years with severe back issues. Since working one-on-one with a Yankee fitness professional, Chris has been pain free for the past several years. He believes so much in the Active Life model and what it did for him that he became an Active Life Professional (AL-P) and full-time coach at Yankee.

Stephanie Ficorilli


Steph was born and raised in Norwalk, CT. Early in life she committed herself to the sport of swimming and continued on through college. She started her fitness journey at a very young age and for as long as she could remember, gym was always her favorite subject in school. Later in life she then realized that she wanted to make her passion for fitness into a career.

Steph went to college at Central Connecticut State University and got a B.S in Exercise Science. At CCSU she pursued her two passions: studying Exercise Science and competing on a Division 1 college swim team. Steph was lucky enough to be apart of a team that won three NEC championships during her four years of eligibility. Being apart of such a prestigious Exercise Science program helped her gain the knowledge she has today in her profession. Translating her love for exercise into a career has been so rewarding and one of the best decisions of her life so far.

In her career, she has had the amazing opportunity to complete two internships and work with athletes in the weight room at Yale University and Quinnipiac University. Steph has also had the experience to work with many one-on-one clients. Being a coach is something that always keeps her on her toes and constantly learning, and she wouldn’t trade this job for anything else.

Sean has been coaching in Connecticut since 2016. He loves competing and testing his limits with new challenges and skills. An avid rock climber and hiker, he also loves practicing the sport of Jiu jitsu. Sean has been a Strength and Wellness Coach at Yankee Fitness Company since 2022. He enjoys teaching people new skills and helping them unlock the potential that was in them all along. He is also an Active Life Professional (AL-P).

Taury graduated from Northeastern University in 2001 with a BSN in Nursing. In 2011, she and her husband moved to CT with their growing family and now live in Avon, CT, with their four children. Taury joined Yankee Fitness Company in 2012 as a member and then joined the Strength and Wellness Coaching staff in 2022 after becoming a certified personal trainer. Now she is thrilled to be sharing her passion for health, fitness and wellness as an Active Life Professional (AL-P).

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