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Break Free from Pain: Rediscover a Life of Freedom and Comfort!

A lot of members come to us because they are frustrated with either chronic pain (like low back, neck, or knee), or exercise induced pain (certain exercises cause pain). While both are very limiting and debilitating, we have found in many cases, both can be fixed inside the gym! If getting out of pain is paramount to your success, your process will include:

• a full joint by joint mobility assessment to determine any limitations and discover pain points.

• If needed, we can refer out to our network of other healthcare providers (doctors and physical therapists) for further assessment.

• Develop a plan to determine the root cause and what needs to be fixed to get you out of pain.

• In most situations, the member will start with personal training and can progress to individualized group classes as the pain improves

We have been able to give a lot of people a “new lease on life” by helping get them out of pain. For many of them, these may have been things they previously thought, or even were told, they would have to live with forever. We want to show you A LOT of these issues can be helped considerably with the right plan and follow through. If this is you, we probably can help!

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